About All Things Real Happiness.

My name is Jessi, and I have noticed how negative the Internet has become. I’m bothered by the disrespectful and unproductive comments, the endless articles and videos and memes that capitalize on making fun of people, and the blatant bullying that goes on all the time. Many of us spend so much time on devices, soaking up this entire atmosphere that is geared toward negativity rather than genuine happiness.

I have something to say about happiness. Okay, so I actually have A LOT to say about happiness. I’m not the expert, or the guru, and I don’t have a PhD in Happiness Studies (if that’s a thing). But I DO have some life experience and quite a few opinions about what makes a life happy.

To find out all about happiness, I will research what the actual experts are saying and what ordinary people say about happiness in their lives. Since positive psychology, faith, personal stories, creativity, adventure, and physical health are all parts of happiness, I’m going to bring all of those things into an ongoing discussion. (I might even make some informal videos about some of my thoughts.) And I want to know what my readers think, too. I’ll use your comments and questions to fuel more posts—and I’ll give you credit by name for your contributions.

I want to create a space where you can come to read about what actually makes our lives happy. I’m not talking about any one person’s philosophy, and I’m not attempting to be the blog-version of a self-help book. Rather, I want to backlash against some of the ugly trends that have taken over the social media experience. Here we will not make fun of people’s “fails” or bully or judge each other because we don’t agree, and here we will not gloomily complain about the world.

I know as well as you do that the world has A LOT of evil in it, and it has hurt me just as it hurts you. Of course we can’t get away from talking about those things, but let’s assume for the moment that finding happiness is the major purpose of living, and let us keep our focus on what is positive and hopeful in the world. Here at All Things Real Happiness, we will document our search for the best life.

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