Holiness to the Lord: The Preston England Temple

I had the great privilege of visiting the Preston England Temple twice while I was in England. It is such a lovely temple with an important history. Preston was the first town in England to receive the news of the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the earth. As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I felt the sanctity of that humble beginning and the holiness of this beautiful structure. This site is also home to an LDS church, a distribution center, and the England Missionary Training Center, none of which I captured in pictures, but are nevertheless worthy of mention.

Here are a few pictures of the temple and its surrounding areas:


Walking toward the temple from the Missionary Training Center and Distribution Center. You can see the temple’s steeple rising in the background.



More of the gorgeous landscaping on the way to the temple.

IMG_1548 (2)

The temple itself. This picture pales in comparison to the actual structure.

There are 159 operating LDS temples around the world. I’ve visited several of them, and I’ve even worked as a volunteer in one of them. Whatever temple I go to, the feeling is the same. It is a symbol of peace, a place of revelation, and a house of holiness to the Lord. Here families can receive sacred ordinances that enable them to be together forever. Here the opportunity to serve God is always open. The comfort and clarity I’ve received in this building have been both powerful and healing. How I love the temple.

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