Halloween on the River Thames

This is how I spent Halloween weekend:

IMG_1601 (2)

I was on a yacht on the River Thames in London. This is how LDS single adults party in the U.K. Sounds pretty wicked, right?

This post is about to get real.

I wish I could say it was “smashing”, as the British say, but that just isn’t true.

Yes, the setting was rather scenic.


The Shard and other buildings on the other side of the river by Tower Pier in the sunset light.



Another sunset picture with the London Eye in the background.

And when it came to dressing up, 99% of attendants actually tried. Several had very impressive costumes.


The first floor of the yacht


The second floor with music and dancing.

I dressed up as a fairy. I basically just wore some red wings I bought at Poundland (the English equivalent of Dollar General). I forgot to take a picture. Don’t worry, you aren’t missing out on much.

I have this theory: in order to have an amazing time at a dance — even on a boat on the River Thames — there must be three critical ingredients:

  1. Good friends
  2. Good music
  3. Good dancing

Here’s the report on each element:

  1. Good Friends: I went there knowing one person, and him not very well. I met others along the way, but we had no established friendship and no strong connection.
  2. Good Music: It just wasn’t my style.
  3. Good Dancing: Have you ever tried dancing on a boat? It’s a bit of a struggle. I mean, if you want to stay upright and all. I found that the best technique was to sway from side to side along with the movements of the yacht.

I don’t regret going. If I hadn’t, I would have wondered what I’d missed. But it wasn’t as amazing as it sounds.

And that’s the long and short of it. On to bigger and better things in the next post.

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